Want More Business? Hire a Graphic Designer.

April 22, 2020


Hire a Graphic Designer

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Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”

-Steve Jobs

“Seeing comes before words.” John Berger 

No matter what line of business you are in, a graphic designer can improve your chances of getting a proposal signed, attracting new visitors to your website, or increasing your credibility through sales materials.

 At the top of the sales funnel, companies look to attract new followers on social media, pushing them to their website. No matter how well written the copy for social media is (and that copy MUST be well written to maintain a good presence), the first impression comes from visuals.

“User-friendly design has been the dominant paradigm in human-computer interaction for decades, and for good reason: It reduces complex code into a simple language anyone can understand.” (Fast Company)

Millennials and beyond grew up with an understanding of product design. Apple revolutionized design by introducing us to the sleek simplicity of the iPhone, with no buttons, no flip-top, just a simple flat screen. But the company took design to a whole new stratosphere by integrating User Experience (UX) to improve the process of doing business. Enter any Apple store, and you expect the sleek and simple layout in the store, but have you considered the experience of buying? There is no traditional checkout. Instead, each team member can check out a customer themselves, hopefully shortening wait times and increasing business. That’s how good design grows business.

Imagine receiving three proposals for new business.


Number one is a simple MS Word document without any images or logos. The initial feeling portrayed is that the recipient will have a lot of work to do in digesting the information.


For the second proposal, let’s add a DIY design to the proposal. The risk of adding “design” without the knowledge or experience of understanding what works, is presenting a sloppy impression of your business. The recipient is left feeling overwhelmed and with a disorganized opinion of your business.


Now, let’s include a designer in the process. The end product is professional, provides individual call-outs to bring attention to key points, and gives the reader a sense of what it might be like to do business with the company.


Which one would you rather read?


Graphic designers are an investment that pays off in ways that will echo throughout your business. The sales team is likely to find the selling process easier if the impression of a business is strong. Good design is memorable, meaning potential customers will remember your logo, breaking down barriers of entry. Add to those benefits the fact that graphic designers are not expensive and it becomes an obvious necessity for any business.


At Raso Solutions, we offer two different methods of hiring for designers: staff leasing or traditional staffing. Our designers can work virtually, are completely comfortable reporting through online project management tools, and will immediately start by producing work that blows your customer’s minds! Get in touch today: sales@rasosolutions.com

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