3 Things to Consider When Hiring a ServiceNow Employee

June 1, 2020


Hiring ServiceNow Employees

You need reliable ServiceNow subject matter experts. And, now more than ever, clients are requiring experience outside of the standard ITSM and branching into HR, Accounting, Legal, Logistics, and other areas.

Rather than wasting time training someone who’s unfamiliar with specific ServiceNow workflows, speed up your process by working with a team of recruiters that can source the right person for each project. Raso Solutions offers staff leasing for ServiceNow which allows our clients to tap into the expertise they need, on an as-needed basis.

While we work with ServiceNow partners of all sizes, many emerging companies are not strong in recruiting and working with outsourced resources, so often we put together guides, whitepapers, and case studies to help them to build a streamlined hiring process.

Now, to today’s resource: Here’s 3 elements you need to consider when expanding your workforce.

#1 Experience

Questions to Consider:

  • Are they up to date on the industry standards? What do they do to stay ahead of the curve?
  • What specific projects have they worked on? Do they have references from their teammates on that project?
  • Can they provide a suggestion to a question you have? This is always a good way to test someone’s knowledge and confidence. You want someone that could help push the project along by making suggestions.

By partnering with Raso Solutions Staff Leasing services, you can rest assured that the talent you’re working with is well-versed, consistently undergoing training, and experienced with projects similar to yours.

#2 Efficiency

Questions to Consider:

  • How will you monitor utilization rates? Without a clear analysis of hours billed versus hours spent, it can be hard to stay profitable, but who has the time for such micromanaging?
  • How long will you need this SME? Make sure your hiring method allows you to onboard and offboard in a manner that doesn’t derail your project.

Did you know our ServiceNow employees cost approximately 50% less than similar teams based in-house? And you don’t pay for the time you don’t use.

We know you need to get your projects done on time and on budget. Efficiency is the key to that. Here at Raso Solutions we’ve got efficiency covered, download the guide to see what else you could be saving by working with our skilled team.

#3 Flexibility

Questions to Consider:

  • With COVID-19 happening, have you run into any difficulties with your employees as projects come to a screeching halt?
  • Having trouble finding employees whose schedule matches yours?

Work hasn’t slowed down much on our side of things. In fact, our employees are working at full speed. Here at Raso Solutions, our ServiceNow SMEs work in shifts to offer a true 24-hour opportunity to clients. When you partner with us, our employees are on YOUR schedule.

At Raso Solutions, we’ll help you deliver projects on time, with less hassle, and more profit. Why bother with getting lost in the fine print? We are specifically designed to take that on for you. With the help of your ServiceNow employees, you’ll have professionals providing support to one another, brainstorming problems, and sharing their expertise.

By choosing Raso Solutions, you also choose to cut costs, increase your profits, and have access to a pool of experienced ServiceNow SMEs. Tell us how we can help you by clicking this link and we’ll get you set up with potential candidates right away.


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