How Raso Ensures A Good Cultural Fit For ServiceNow Consultants

December 22, 2020


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Do you worry about finding ServiceNow consultants that are a perfect fit with your company’s culture?


ServiceNow partners have several layers of culture: the team you work with on implementations or innovations, the client’s team you work with, and the consultants you engage for shorter amounts of time. The last of that list – consultants – are the hardest to ensure a good fit. There are times when you need a task-oriented consultant to complete a list of tasks and report back, but there are other times when the character you need is more innovative and resourceful. Raso Solutions works hard to gather a holistic view of our client’s goals and needs so that we can find the right fit every time. 


At Raso Solutions, we know if your ServiceNow consultants fit in well with your team, then you can continue to service customers quickly. That’s why you need ServiceNow subject matter experts who “get” your business.


The Current State of Hiring


It’s astounding that only a year ago, there was a talent deficit. Demand for employees was high, and the supply was at an all-time low. That certainly isn’t the case today.


The realities of COVID-19 have resulted in countless businesses shutting their doors. Because of this, many extraordinarily qualified workers are looking for gainful employment. How do we know? Because many of them come to us! 


We put employees first to build loyalty with qualified and reliable talent. With so many talented workers looking for employment, we can find the cream of the crop and connect them with your business. By going through our extensive talent roster, we will find workers who can not just do the job but also fit perfectly into your company!

Outsourcing Tasks But Retaining Values


At Raso Solutions, our elastic sourcing model increases efficiency and speeds up deliverables. We offer Staff Leasing for ServiceNow companies in order for them to get the expertise they need without paying for downtimes, such as those days when you await feedback. 


Staff leasing could be the golden ticket you are looking for when it comes to hiring, providing employees are flexible, experienced, motivated, and managed, and efficient. And that’s before considering ideal utilization rates or salaries that are 50% less than traditional consultants.


Download our Free Resources: How to Increase The Profit on your Service Now Projects

Raso ServiceNow technologists are ready to work right now with minimal onboarding needed. In addition, we focus on the specific skillset needed so our Raso ServiceNow employees have the ability to troubleshoot or offer expertise to improve workflow processes during design, building, and implementation.

That means we can catch the problems before they happen, reducing overall project costs and increasing profit.

The Raso team is a hard-working, kind, diverse, and crazy bunch hired in different roles with one ultimate goal: Make People Proud. In each of our offices – whether it’s recruiting or finance, customer service or sales, marketing or human resources – we are all moving toward the same goal. We want to put people to work in jobs they love, helping a business grow faster than ever.

Let Us Get to Know You First

The reason we’re known for connecting businesses with the exact kind of employees they’re looking for is that we do our homework.

When you request staff from us, we don’t just send you the next five names on our list. We know our talent. We know their expertise, values, and what drives them to be the very best. 

Then, we get to know YOU! It isn’t just a matter of your industry. We want to know about your business’s values, mission statement, and where it’s heading in the future. 

With all of that information in front of us, it’s easy to connect you with workers who share the values you hold dear!

Let’s Get Started

Rather than wasting time training someone unfamiliar with specific ServiceNow workflows, speed up your process by working with a team of recruiters that can source the right person for each project. Raso Solutions offers staff leasing for ServiceNow, which allows our clients to tap into the expertise they need on an as-needed basis.

While we work with ServiceNow partners of all sizes, many emerging companies are not strong in recruiting and working with outsourced resources. With this in mind, we put together guides, whitepapers, and case studies to help them build a streamlined hiring process. You can check out our latest resources here: https://rasosolutions.com/servicenow/resources, or if you’d prefer to receive a personalized demo, book a time that suits you best by filling out the form below: 


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