Why Are Virtual Assistants So Popular?

January 30, 2020


Why Are Virtual Assistants So Popular?

Over the past decade, virtual assistants (VA) have become very popular in all types of business, from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups. What’s behind this shift in business? Could you benefit from, or even afford a VA, and, if so, how do you get started working with one?

Let’s break it down!

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is somebody that helps you to stay on top of tasks, scheduling, and organization. The tasks this person may do can range from scheduling your day to posting blogs for you. The virtual assistant is similar to a personal assistant or administrative assistant, except they are living and working far away from you, often overseas.

“The virtual assistant is similar to a personal assistant or administrative assistant, except they are living and working far away from you, often overseas.”

Why Are So Many People Using Virtual Assistants?


Virtual Assistants Are A Manageable Cost

Quite often, companies pay a relatively higher rate for office-based workers, VA’s are like your PA, accountants, IT specialists, and so much more! They work much like regular office-based employees and can help you with managing emails, schedules, bookkeeping; you name it.

Virtual Assistants Are Convenient

Having someone perform tasks without sitting next to you may seem less convenient, but VAs are often experienced in working alone and tend to be more self-sufficient. This means less monitoring by you and less chance of constant questions so that you can keep your own workflow going. The level of convenience for a VA is what often leads to lower costs: a VA can work from home, or closer to home, and that means they have a better work/life balance, and it means you have a greater pool of candidates to choose from.

No Software/ IT issues

If you use a VA service, such as Raso Solutions, you don’t have to worry about software or IT issues. You tell us what the VA will need during setup, or ask for our advice, and we’ll lay out a plan for you.

Can You Afford A VA?


Yes! There are so many ways to hire someone in this role. You can start with a part-time setup or go in whole hog and get a full-time VA. If you want to keep your costs low, you might consider using someone in the Philippines, where the cost of living – and therefore salaries – are considerably lower. The benefit of the Philippines, over India, is that one of the two main languages is English, so there’s no language barrier. Offices there are also set up to work on your timezone.

How Do You Start Working With A VA?


It’s so easy! You get in touch with Raso Solutions and tell them what tasks you’d like to offload. They will start the search and provide you with several candidates. You have a chat with each one and make your selection. Then Raso sets them up to work in their office. The Raso team monitors their attendance, takes care of payroll and all the HR stuff, and takes care of any issues that might arise, and you simply monitor the work being performed. It could not be any easier if you work with Raso.

Ready to hire your Virtual Assistant? Let’s do this!

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 The Raso Story


In 2011, Brian Brown noticed the need for a change within the staffing industry. The main complaint he heard over his decades of experience was that the standard was expensive and worse: ineffective. The problem was the constant push for results had overcome the need for value. Employees were being placed quickly by the larger recruiting companies, but inevitably those employees were a bad fit for the job, the culture, or both.

Brian sought to build a process that provided companies with the ability to find skilled employees that were also hard-working, loyal, and open-minded, and to find these employees quickly and at reasonable costs. After months of research and consulting with some of the nation’s fastest-growing companies, Brian found the perfect fit overseas. By dumping the ridiculous overhead costs that cannot be avoided within the United States and tapping into an English-speaking workforce with a lower cost of living and a seemingly-endless pipeline of qualified candidates, the dream of Raso Solutions became a reality by creating a global delivery base in the beautiful archipelago of the Philippines. 

Since 2011, Raso Solutions has grown exponentially and now provides three lines of recruitment solutions to companies across the United States.

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