What Does “RPO” Mean?

January 2, 2020


What Does "RPO" Mean?

It’s one thing to recognize the acronym, but it’s quite another to understand what Recruitment Process Outsourcing can mean to your company. RPO is the concept of continually outsourcing recruiting efforts, either completely or some part thereof. Now, let’s talk about how that works…

How Does RPO Work?


The RPO provider can act as an extension of the hiring team of a company, expanding its reach and capability, or it can take on all the functions of hiring. In the latter case, the RPO provider acts on behalf of the company to attract, evaluate, and hire candidates into the company. Further, those hires can be full time, part-time/seasonal, or contract/temporary employees depending on the business model and needs.


In addition, RPO companies have the necessary technology platforms and seasoned processes to integrate with the company’s systems and procedures, thus improving efficiencies and reducing time to hire.


RPO differs from Business Process Outsourcing in that the company managing the recruiting locates, interviews, and hires people but is not managing their ongoing performance or output. The hiring company takes over the management of the new employee.

RPO companies have the necessary technology platforms & seasoned processes to integrate with the company’s systems & procedures, thus improving efficiencies & reducing time to hire.”

Why Join Raso?

  • World-class training
  • Fast career growth
  • Fun working environment!
  • Challenging projects
  • Work with big U.S. brands
  • Equal opportunity employer

What Are The Benefits Of RPO?


One of the advantages of using an RPO company is to tap into their subject matter expertise – talent acquisition within a particular industry. An RPO company will be plugged into the industry they serve, staying current with the latest technology and trends as well as the human capital in the space. Their database of candidates is not only deep but often refreshed as candidates seek out their expertise in the chosen field.


Additionally, RPO utilization can match the hiring need. Ramp the team up when there are more openings to fill or cut utilization back in lean or low season times, therefore maximizing company resources and saving recruitment costs.


If you’re ready to outsource some or all of your recruiting function, Spectra360 can help. We are experts at taking on your recruiting function to attract, hire, and onboard the right talent for your growth positions. Contact us today!

 The Raso Story


In 2011, Brian Brown noticed the need for a change within the staffing industry. The main complaint he heard over his decades of experience was that the standard was expensive and worse: ineffective. The problem was the constant push for results had overcome the need for value. Employees were being placed quickly by the larger recruiting companies, but inevitably those employees were a bad fit for the job, the culture, or both.

Brian sought to build a process that provided companies with the ability to find skilled employees that were also hard-working, loyal, and open-minded, and to find these employees quickly and at reasonable costs. After months of research and consulting with some of the nation’s fastest-growing companies, Brian found the perfect fit overseas. By dumping the ridiculous overhead costs that cannot be avoided within the United States and tapping into an English-speaking workforce with a lower cost of living and a seemingly-endless pipeline of qualified candidates, the dream of Raso Solutions became a reality by creating a global delivery base in the beautiful archipelago of the Philippines. 

Since 2011, Raso Solutions has grown exponentially and now provides three lines of recruitment solutions to companies across the United States.

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