Raso Solutions Can Save Your Business From Coronavirus Mayhem

March 11, 2020


Raso Solutions Can Save Your Business From Coronavirus Mayhem

According to NPR, Seattle tech giants Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google have sent employees home to work remotely to stem-the-tide of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Seattle is not the only affected area; other tech employers like Twitter and Square have also closed offices and sent employees home to work.

Many companies are facing similar predicaments with no clear plan of action. But, Raso clients have recognized the benefits of having a workforce housed in our Global Delivery Center. 

Raso Solutions can help your company, and our help is available immediately.

Tech Help For Initiating Remote Working Opportunities.

Your employees need to work from home, but your company is not ready to handle employees in dozens of different locations. You need help creating the required processes, and you need tech experts to implement the right systems to allow real-time file and database sharing. We have the capabilities to provide both for you.

Many technology companies are facing the predicament of COVID-19 spreading with no clear plan of action. But, Raso clients have recognized the benefits of having a workforce safely housed in our Global Delivery Center.

The Call Centers To Provide Customer Support While You Are Working Remotely.

No one knows how long we will face this crisis, but there is no clear end in sight. We need to assure customers that the services and products they expect are still available while keeping employees safe. Our remote call centers in the Philippines are quick to set up and can manage your incoming calls and keep your business on track. Find out more: https://rasosolutions.com/staff-leasing/


Creative Talent To Grow Your Online Presence.

COVID-19 is daunting to all, but keeping business going throughout the crisis is imperative. One area of focus at this time should be your online presence. Lack of information, trust, and communication can stop customers from continuing to work with you.


Raso Solutions can provide the creative talent you need, with skills in website design and development, social media strategy, and search engine optimization. The creative individual(s) you need will work 100% for you, taking direction and reporting only to you, but working in our office in the Philippines, with no additional facilities or HR costs for you.


We can help you keep the lights on for your online business. Find out more: https://rasosolutions.com/staff-leasing/ 

Accounting & Finance Teams

While you are focusing on your business and clients, taxes are still a certainty. Keep your business in line by reaching out to us for accounting staff that will work from our global delivery center, but function as your employee. The employee reports entirely to you, using your systems and processes, but without bringing the additional annoyance of facility costs, HR, or IT needs.


We can make sure that your books are straight so that you can hit the ground running once the crisis passes. Find out more: https://rasosolutions.com/staff-leasing/


Staff leasing is a hiring option used by many of the largest companies in the US. During times of crisis such as this, employment options like staff leasing, tend to benefit both employees and employers, as well as the global economy.


If you feel like we might be able to help your company, please contact us immediately.


 The Raso Story


In 2011, Brian Brown noticed the need for a change within the staffing industry. The main complaint he heard over his decades of experience was that the standard was expensive and worse: ineffective. The problem was the constant push for results had overcome the need for value. Employees were being placed quickly by the larger recruiting companies, but inevitably those employees were a bad fit for the job, the culture, or both.

Brian sought to build a process that provided companies with the ability to find skilled employees that were also hard-working, loyal, and open-minded, and to find these employees quickly and at reasonable costs. After months of research and consulting with some of the nation’s fastest-growing companies, Brian found the perfect fit overseas. By dumping the ridiculous overhead costs that cannot be avoided within the United States and tapping into an English-speaking workforce with a lower cost of living and a seemingly-endless pipeline of qualified candidates, the dream of Raso Solutions became a reality by creating a global delivery base in the beautiful archipelago of the Philippines. 

Since 2011, Raso Solutions has grown exponentially and now provides three lines of recruitment solutions to companies across the United States.

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