Is Staff Leasing Right for Your ServiceNow Business?

June 9, 2020


Is Staff Leasing Right for Your ServiceNow Business?

Many businesses are shifting to online platforms and remote communication in light of COVID. As a ServiceNow Partner, you are at the forefront of helping your clients pivot and create responsive online systems to adjust to this new normal. Utilizing staff leasing to ramp up your ServiceNow services may be the best strategy to help your business thrive right now. 

Here’s the hard reality: onboarding new staff and ensuring responsive service to clients’ urgent needs can be time-consuming and costly. You need to hire quality staff who are already familiar with the ServiceNow platform. At the same time, you need to ensure your overhead costs and payroll remain within your budget.  

Now more than ever, you need to avoid major pitfalls when recruiting.  

In the face of major industry disruption, businesses must find the right talent to help them pivot quickly. But when you’re moving fast, it can be easy to make a costly mistake.

  • Avoid the pitfall of wasting time looking for the right candidate. This LinkedIn Survey reveals that 70% of businesses take longer than one month to hire candidates. In a Post-COVID world, a month is simply too long to wait to find the staff you need. Why not utilize our staff leasing solution to speed up the process and devote your time to growing your business?  
  • Avoid the pitfall of hiring the wrong person. Rushing the recruiting process can be worse than not hiring anyone. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the average cost of hiring the wrong person could total 30% of their annual salary. Avoid that risk altogether by utilizing staff leasing through Raso Solutions. Our managers are able to oversee all daily tasks, monitor progress, and replace non-performers.
  • Avoid the pitfall of lost productivity. According to research conducted by MIT Sloan Review, businesses can lose up to 2.5% of their total revenue in lost productivity, due to the learning curve of new employees. In today’s slim margins, this could be deadly to your company. By partnering with Raso Solutions, you can bypass dramatically “flatten” that learning curve by utilizing our staff leasing. We have a pool of candidates already experienced in ServiceNow and other IT platforms. 

Raso Solutions provides a trained and efficient workforce to help implement your clients’ goals. 

By utilizing staff leasing through Raso, onboarding can be a much quicker and cheaper process. Our costs are about 50% less than other in-house teams, and we’re prepared to meet your needs the second they come up.

With Raso Solutions you can expect:

  • Flexible 24/7 tech support for your workforce. Our workforce is located in the Philippines, which enables your company to offer around the clock support when your clients need you most.  
  • A full suite of HR Support. Leave the payroll, insurance, training, and staff equipment to us. You can focus on simply growing your business. 
  • Quality talent that grows with you. We are committed to investing in our staff and growing a positive company culture in the Philippines and the U.S. The results? Effective staff and low turnover rates for you!

Forget worrying about the hassles of recruiting. Raso Solutions is here for you so that you can focus on leading and growing your business. Give us a call today to learn more about how staff leasing could help you focus on helping your business thrive. 

Want to get in touch? Email us at sales@rasosolutions.com or call us at 858-433-8640.


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