How To Manage Outsourced Employees

December 19, 2019


Manage Outsourced Employees

59% of businesses surveyed for Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey said the main reason for outsourcing was to cut costs. Outsourcing seems to be the way more and more businesses in the U.S. are working these days. But how do you manage employees that are sitting hundreds, or even thousands of miles from your office? After more than a decade in the business, we have the answers…

Companies of all sizes and business models rely on outsourcing to help run their business. Call centers, HR, marketing, and sales are some of the main corporate functions that are outsourced. But, to reap the financial reward of outsourcing, you need to set up the system so that it works for you, your team, and your outsourcing partners. 

Here are some important steps that our partners can take to ensure complete outsourcing success…

Outsourcing has its challenges, but finding the right partner can accelerate your business by reducing costs and ensuring the right employees are paired with the right work.

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Align Business Interests

Structuring a working relationship from far away is important, but nothing is more important than aligning your goals. If you have a process, and clear methods of collaboration and communication, then things should run exactly as you laid out. But, what if you could take it one step further? If you kick off your relationship with a clear understanding of each project’s goals then you are allowing your team, both near and far, to consider all the ways of reaching the goal with maximum efficiency as well as to problem solve when issues arise, rather than constantly asking you for guidance.

Build An Onboarding Packet

Without the ability to micro-manage your outsourcing partner directly on a daily basis, companies must put adequate support in place. Ensuring the outsourced workforce has access to educational materials, in-depth training, and structured, regular communication with the company is crucial for the shared success of the partnership.

Brand Management

Every company spends years building and honing their brand and reputation. In order for an outsourcing partner to thrive, that brand must be proactively managed and embedded into the day-to-day functions. Part of selecting a complementary outsourcing partner is conducting the due diligence to determine if that partner can uphold the pillars of the company’s valuable brand.

Collaboration Tools

Making sure everyone is on the same page extends to software as well. Ensure everyone has access to the files needed and rollout collaboration tools so teams can work together as if they were all in the same building. Just be respectful of time differences and work schedules.

Outsourcing has its challenges, but finding the right partner can accelerate your business by reducing costs and ensuring the right employees are paired with the right work. The company maintains control over all aspects – here and abroad – while the outsourcing firm executes non-core functions. It’s a relationship that can pay dividends if managed well.


Raso knows the ins and outs of outsourcing and can help guide you in making the right moves for your growing company. Contact us to get started.

 The Raso Story


In 2011, Brian Brown noticed the need for a change within the staffing industry. The main complaint he heard over his decades of experience was that the standard was expensive and worse: ineffective. The problem was the constant push for results had overcome the need for value. Employees were being placed quickly by the larger recruiting companies, but inevitably those employees were a bad fit for the job, the culture, or both.

Brian sought to build a process that provided companies with the ability to find skilled employees that were also hard-working, loyal, and open-minded, and to find these employees quickly and at reasonable costs. After months of research and consulting with some of the nation’s fastest-growing companies, Brian found the perfect fit overseas. By dumping the ridiculous overhead costs that cannot be avoided within the United States and tapping into an English-speaking workforce with a lower cost of living and a seemingly-endless pipeline of qualified candidates, the dream of Raso Solutions became a reality by creating a global delivery base in the beautiful archipelago of the Philippines. 

Since 2011, Raso Solutions has grown exponentially and now provides three lines of recruitment solutions to companies across the United States.

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